3 Reasons why Antiparos is the Best Island for Family Vacations!

It is well known that the Greek Islands are perfect for any kind of vacation, including a family vacation of course… The bright sunlight, the wonderful beaches, the striking colors all around, as well as the history that surrounds them, make them all perfect choices! Antiparos Island especially, is one of the best locations if you’re looking for a rejuvenating vacation with the whole family. In Antiparos you’ll find the perfect mixture of adventure and serenity… Ideal for kids and parents alike! Let’s break down 3 reasons why you should consider booking your accommodation in Antiparos, the minute travelling is possible again… After all this time at home, you and your little ones will be longing for some moments away!

1. Kids love Adventure

Finding the best accommodation in Antiparos is key, but don’t forget that youngsters love to explore and have adventurous moments during their vacation, thus they won’t be impressed with just a luxury villa in Antiparos. Luckily, the island is full of fun activities and ruins for them to explore. The possibilities are endless, since they will definitely love wandering around the Venetian Castle of Antiparos (Kastro), which consists of ruins of the old fortress in Chora, the mainland of the island. They will also be impressed by the renowned Cave of Antiparos, the 411 steps down to the cave will seem like a majestic adventure to a mythical land to them! In the entrance of the cave a huge stalagmite, created 45 million years ago awaits to leave them in-awe, since it’s one of the oldest ones in Europe after all. The fun doesn’t stop there… In Antiparos you can try boat rides to discover the wonderful Antiparos Caves, close to Agios Georgios beach! The colors and formations will leave you breathless, as will the crystal clear waters, where you and your little ones can try swimming or even snorkeling in this natural paradise!

2. Parents love Relaxation

While you can definitely spend some serene moments at the comfort of your accommodation in Antiparos, you will definitely enjoy some moments lying on the beaches of Panagia or Psaralyki! These are quite close to the mainland, more traditional and just perfect for relaxation… Taking a swim in those deep blue waters, or just catching up on some –safe– sun tanning while reading a good book are both amazing choices! There are so many beaches on the island, that you’re bound to find the perfect one for you. Another reason why Antiparos is the best, and most relaxing, place to be with kids is safety. As a parent, you wouldn’t be able to relax without knowing that your kids can play with safety. All around the Castle area, the streets are pedestrian and full of amazing greenery, so there your kids can go around safely, while later the whole family can enjoy traditional, Greek delicacies at the quaint taverns which are close by!

3. Vacation meets History

When travelling with kids, you want to make sure that they will learn something from the experience and that they will expand their horizons a little bit more, by learning a bit of the place’s history… Once again, Antiparos is your ideal destination! Other than the Cave and the Castle, a place you can’t miss the chance to visit is the Despotiko Island. It is one of the surrounding, uninhibited islands with great Archaeological interest, a magical location full of remains of ancient temples and buildings. The most important one of all is the sanctuary devoted to the gods Apollo and Artemis, while the whole island has become a natural museum, much like the sacred island of Delos. The wild, untouched beauty of the beaches is also worth experiencing… A one day trip is highly recommended for a combination of enjoyment and knowledge!

While thinking about your luxury accommodation in Antiparos, keep in mind that your kids will also have the time of their lives. Moments with family are precious and should be enjoyed to the maximum. Have no doubt that Antiparos will offer you that unique gift!