Antiparos and the… Famous!

Spotted: Tom Hanks and good fellow, Matthew McConaughey vacationing in Antiparos last summer and having the time of their lives! No surprise there, since every year a multitude of popular Hollywood stars arrive in the island with the intention of having a wonderful vacation. Antiparos is not as cosmopolitan or commercialized as Mykonos or her big sister Paros for example, but lately it has come to be a top destination for jet-setters from all around the world, who book villas in Antiparos or even buy property. Stars seem to love the more secluded and exclusive vibe of the island, and can we really blame them?

Small But Gold

Antiparos may be small, but the beauties it possesses are many and truly worth discovering. From the wonderful, crystal clear beaches, the Venetian castle ruins and the majestic Cave, of Antiparos, which is one of the largest landmarks in Europe, to the small, peaceful islands surrounding it, everything is ready to be explored and give magical, memorable moments to every traveler. The beautiful Chora is also really quaint, filled with whitewashed buildings of classical Cycladic architecture and perfect little shops for souvenirs you can take with you, bringing a piece of the island back home. Not to mention the traditional taverns with the amazing Greek cuisine, as well as the colorful flowers all around… In such an island, life seems to be going on like an idyllic fairytale. Plus, the accommodation in Antiparos is simply a dream, which is one of the many reasons, famous stars decide to visit!

However Tom, Matthew and their families, are not the only ones who’ve seen the appeal of this paradise island, since it’s been visited by the likes of the talented actors Nia Vardalos, Billy Zane and Harisson Ford, the phenomenal actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg and allegedly –the Queen- Madonna herself! Not only have those famous people stayed in luxurious villas in Antiparos, but some of them have also gone the extra mile of actually buying a villa or a house in the island. Tom Hanks and his family visit their Antiparos home every summer, being practically Greek at this point, and the same goes for a number of other distinguished names…

You see, when it comes to choosing your accommodation in Antiparos, if you’re looking for the full island experience, we suggest you opt for a villa in Antiparos! When you’re there you’ll realize that the place is all about the villa life. People who buy or rent beautiful Antiparos homes form their own little private community, where they host dinner parties, take long, evening walks at the beach or go out for drinks at the beach-bars… It’s like their unofficial rendezvous every summer. And that laid-back, take-it-easy kind of lifestyle really does sound amazing!

Book your accommodation in Antiparos now though, before you miss the chance, and get ready for a wonderful, totally rejuvenating adventure. Dive in the wonderful waters of Agios Georgios, explore the volcanic formations, enter the monumental Cave, and walk through the picturesque streets and buildings of the mainland… Who knows? Maybe you’ll run into some celebrity’s Antiparos home, or even meet them!