Antiparos & Co. The Small Islands around Antiparos

Just like almost every other Greek island, Antiparos is surrounded by a variety of other smaller Islands, inhabited or uninhabited, each one with its own special history… Some of them are actually open to the public for visits, making your trip to Antiparos even more interesting and exciting, while others are being kept away from visitors. If you don’t plan on spending -all of your- time crawled up in your Antiparos luxury villa, keep reading for some details and interesting historical facts about this little complex of true Cycladic gems!

Diplo Island

If you start walking from the -very shallow- waters of the Naturist beach of Antiparos, in about 10 minutes you’ll reach the small island of Diplo. The walk is really easy, if you’re not wearing any pants of course, and it’s going to be so funny to be able to say you travelled to an Island on foot, right? Quite the story in fact! The island is uninhabited, with only a single house remaining and some beautiful beaches. Peacefulness is the word that comes to mind.

Revmatonisi Island

You may be feeling all kinds of glamorous, while staying at you accommodation or luxury Villa in Antiparos, but can you imagine actually having your own island? Well the Greek shipowner, Mr. Nikos Goulandris certainly could because he went ahead and bought it. The private Island Revmatonisi, located between Paros and Antiparos is a beautiful sight for the passengers of Paros’ small ferry, while coming or going to the Island.

Stroggilo Island

Another uninhabited small, little treasure, located between the islands of Paros and Antiparos, of great historic value since its existence goes way back to the Neolithic age. This rock filled isle was created by the Aegean Sea’s geological activity.

Saliagos Island

This 500 square meter only island, is located in the northern part between Paros and Antiparos and is where the most ancient settlement of the Cyclades was found. After being excavated between 1964-65 by C.Renfrew and J.D.Evans, the conclusion was that it is dated in the Neolithic Age and one of its most distinguished findings was the figurine of the “Fat Lady”, which was actually depicting the goddess of fertility. Today you can see it at the Archaeological museum of Paros amongst other fascinating finds.

Tsimintiri Island

Or Koimitiri as the locals are calling it. This little, also uninhabited, islet is of great archaeological interest too. After several excavations that are continued until today many graves have been found, which makes perfect sense since Koimitiri means cemetery in the Greek language. It is also suggested that during classical times, Koimitiri, Despotiko and Antiparos were all connected as a single landmass. People say it’s possible to walk there or go by boat. If cemetery vibes aren’t your thing though, feel free to just stay at the safety of your luxury villa in Antiparos, though we definitely recommend the adventure.


The small uninhabited islands of Preza and Tigani, along with the private island mentioned above, Revmatonisi, are forming their own little complex and are called Panteronisia. Both Preza and Tigani were created by the geological activity of the Aegean Sea and thus their surface is rocky, however Preza especially is known for its majestic beaches.


Last but never least, we have the Despotiko Island, which is the most famous and well known of them all. With its sandy beaches this secluded little haven is a favorite for the visitors of Antiparos. It’s located in the southwest part of the island, opposite the village of Ai-Giorgis and it also has a great historical value. It is identified as the ancient Prepesinthos, found in the maps of several travelers. Despotiko has been integrated into the Natura 2000 Community Network of Protected Areas as a Site of Community Importance.

Are you ready for a unique adventure? The sister islands of Antiparos are giving you the chance for an unforgettable experience, full of history and natural beauty. Book your accommodation in Antiparos now, let the little explorer you hide inside of you roam free, and… Live the myth!