Some of the Most Enchanting Beaches of Antiparos

Antiparos is a charming Greek island located in the Aegean Sea, and it is famous for its crystal clear waters, beautiful white sand beaches, lush vegetation and unique culture. With fantastic luxury accommodation with pool options available in Antiparos, tourists have plenty of possibilities when planning their holiday. But as enticing as these luxurious choices are, the island's [...]

6 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Antiparos

Antiparos is an alluring island of the Cyclades located close to Paros. It is known for its incredible beaches, geological beauties and luxury accommodation options, making it the ultimate holiday destination for visitors from all around the globe. And although a villa with a pool in Antiparos sounds great in and of itself, there's more to this exquisite island [...]

Discovering the Archaeological Sites of Antiparos

If you are looking for a totally relaxing holiday experience, Antiparos is the perfect destination. However, that is not all the island has to offer. The luxury villas with pool in Antiparos are certainly impressive – and you'd be wise to rent one for your next vacation – yet this beautiful island is full of archaeological wonders [...]

5 Reasons to Consider Renting a Holiday Home in Antiparos 

Greece has long been a dream destination for many, but Antiparos is fast becoming the hottest spot in the Mediterranean. This stunning island in the Cyclades archipelago is enjoying an influx of high-profile visitors, from A-list celebrities to world leaders, who are not only vacationing but investing in holiday homes in Antiparos. So if you, too, [...]

The Unexpected Nightlife Scene of Antiparos

When it comes to the two sister islands Paros and Antiparos, in most people’s minds Paros is the cosmopolitan, bustling, big island with the impressive nightlife, while on the other hand Antiparos is thought to be a much more quite, serene and small haven! This is mostly true… But don’t believe even for a second, [...]

Why Antiparos is your Best Choice this Summer

This summer one thing is for sure… Everything will be very, very different from what we’re used to. The global pandemic has changed our plans and our way of travelling. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t travel at all and that vacations are cancelled forever. The only thing we have to do, is adjust [...]

From Antiparos to Paros and Back!

No sisters are more beautiful than the Cycladic island sisters, Paros and Antiparos! Those two islands are so different from each other, yet so close and connected. In a way they complete each other so amazingly. When visiting one, you certainly can’t miss the other, and actually, you shouldn’t.  Chances are you’ve heard more about [...]

Fairytale Wedding… In Antiparos!

Recently Greek Island weddings are constantly gaining more popularity worldwide, and with good reason! The fact is, Greek islands attain a certain level of otherworldly, magical beauty, which makes up for the perfect setting of a fairytale wedding… Antiparos is not an exception to that rule! Every year a variety of couples arrive to this [...]

Antiparos and the… Famous!

Spotted: Tom Hanks and good fellow, Matthew McConaughey vacationing in Antiparos last summer and having the time of their lives! No surprise there, since every year a multitude of popular Hollywood stars arrive in the island with the intention of having a wonderful vacation. Antiparos is not as cosmopolitan or commercialized as Mykonos or her [...]

The Majestic Despotiko

In a previous post, we discovered the wonderful islands –equivalent or maybe even better than Bora Bora, one would say- around the beautiful Antiparos. However, Despotiko remains the best known of them all. The island with the fable, enchanting beaches and the long history, that accompanies it! By booking a villa or home in Antiparos, [...]

Straight for the Castle

If there’s one thing we love about the Greek Islands –other than the idyllic, crystal water beaches, the beautiful landscapes, the amazing architecture and the awesome food— it certainly is the wonderful castles you can find and the history that accompanies them. Is your imagination intrigued by the medieval ages, the castles and the forts? [...]

Antiparos & Co. The Small Islands around Antiparos

Just like almost every other Greek island, Antiparos is surrounded by a variety of other smaller Islands, inhabited or uninhabited, each one with its own special history… Some of them are actually open to the public for visits, making your trip to Antiparos even more interesting and exciting, while others are being kept away from [...]

Get Naked… in Antiparos!

This summer don’t miss the chance to visit the beautiful, picturesque Island of Antiparos. A peaceful paradise of white and blue, which is also the little sister of the bigger and much more cosmopolitan, Paros Island… Antiparos however, does not lack in luxury accommodation facilities, crazy nightlife or natural beauty, despite what one could think [...]

The Iconic Mantalena in Antiparos!

Whoever knows a little bit about the Greek film industry, has most likely heard about Greece’s most Iconic actress of the past, Aliki Vougiouklaki! Aliki was the absolute star of her time, as she offered shine and sparkle when Greece needed it the most. She has been called the Marylin Monroe and the Brigitte Bardot [...]

Tom Hanks is now… GREEK!

After years of being married to the love of his life, actress and producer Rita Wilson, of Greek and Bulgarian descend and after years of real love and support to Greece, while also spending many of his summers on the Greek Island of Antiparos, the famous Hollywood star is officially Greek! Hanks played an immensely [...]

The Mysteries of the Antiparos Cave

If you’re travelling to or staying on a luxury accommodation in Antiparos, amongst the beauties of it, you should definitely pay a visit to the legendary Cave of Antiparos, which is located in the middle part of eastern Antiparos and the a history of which goes all the way back to ancient Greece and even [...]