When we talk about water sports, we are talking about Antiparos!

The island of Antiparos is the right choice for your vacation, as this beautiful Cycladic island combines both the choice of family outing and relaxing moments and also the opportunity for the visitor to enjoy intense evening entertainment and practise water sports, providing great variety of options.   Apart from the beautiful beaches with the [...]

Antiparos Local Events & Festivals

Antiparos has plenty of religious feasts throughout the year and honours the saints of the island with many festivals every year. The visitors of the island can enjoy traditional music and the resurgence of the island’s culture.The island's most notable feasts are: Every 7th of September, the traditional celebration in honor of Panagia takes place [...]

Antiparos Nightlife and Local Cuisine

Antiparos Nightlife Antiparos is a small island where tourists can enjoy a peaceful, luxury and relaxing vacation. Although the nightlife scene is not as lively as in Paros, you will not be disappointed with what you find here. The hip and happening places are mostly located at the main town square and along the beachfront [...]

3 Reasons why Antiparos is the Best Island for Family Vacations!

It is well known that the Greek Islands are perfect for any kind of vacation, including a family vacation of course… The bright sunlight, the wonderful beaches, the striking colors all around, as well as the history that surrounds them, make them all perfect choices! Antiparos Island especially, is one of the best locations if [...]

(The Next) Easter in Antiparos!

Easter is undoubtedly one of the biggest holidays -if not the biggest one- in Greece! However, this year’s Easter will be very different than usual for everyone because of the difficult situation the world is going through right now. But that won’t last forever. People will celebrate again and there’s no better place to celebrate [...]

Honeymoonin’ in Antiparos

If you’ve ever wished for a secluded paradise, surrounded by beautiful deep-blue waters and serene vibes to spend your Honeymoon, Antiparos is the best place to choose. You and your significant other will have the chance to relax and rejuvenate in this amazing Greek island, away from your everyday worries and live an experience you’ll [...]