COVID-19 updates

Updated 4th May 2020

At Antiparos Homes we have always been proud of the way we treat our guests, responding to their every need in an informed and prompt manner. Especially during these challenging times, when the global community is largely affected by the coronavirus spread and travel restrictions, we want you to know we are here to support you.

It is our priority that your stay at one of our luxury villas and holiday homes will continue to be a unique experience and we have already implemented a series of measures to help tackle this issue and provide enhanced safety and security services to you.

We abide by the World Health Organization and Greece Coronavirus guidelines to keep everyone safe.

This is why we have implemented a new booking policy to make sure you don’t miss the chance to visit a BlueVillas property.

Flexible Booking Policy

All bookings confirmed after 1st May can be canceled 30 days prior to arrival day.

All bookings can be rescheduled or converted to open bookings for next summer free of charge.

For more information, please email us

Why Book one of our villas and holiday homes

There are many reasons why a private house is an ideal option for a unique, luxurious, and safe vacation. Read some below.

  • exclusive usage of the space
  • cleaning effectiveness
  • local knowledge
  • isolation

Exclusive Usage of the Space

When staying at a villa, you are guaranteed to come in contact with fewer people.
For families with children, the controlled villa environment is a perfect choice for your little explorers. Kids use their hands to ‘meet the world’ and enjoy playing and lying on the ground. At a villa, you can be sure you are the only ones using the space.
In a villa, you have the chance to cook for yourself, in your private fully equipped kitchen. You can prepare healthy and nutritious meals for your close ones with greater peace of mind. Your moments of relaxation are perfectly protected.

Cleaning Effectiveness

Effective housekeeping practices are immediate and adjusted according to your needs and requests. You can adjust the frequency of cleaning and request specific cleaning products (e.g. eco-friendly, hypoallergenic).
Our cleaning team is closely monitored, and we take extra care in following all necessary safety measures as regards disease spread prevention. We want to protect the health of both our team members and our guests.

Local Knowledge

BlueVillas offers a dedicated, reachable concierge service with local knowledge of the destination. We can help you get access to pharmacies, hospitals, private doctors, and other medical professionals effectively and discreetly.


Daily health checks of staff are easy as our staff members are few and we can effectively monitor their health, thus better protecting you.
We can help you create an all-inclusive, tailor-made experience in the privacy of your villa. This means you can have everything you want in your villa without having to mingle with the general population. From private dinners to grocery delivery, we can make it happen.

We remain positive we’ll be able to welcome you just in time for some Antiparos sun.

Until we do, stay home and be safe!