Discovering the Archaeological Sites of Antiparos

If you are looking for a totally relaxing holiday experience, Antiparos is the perfect destination. However, that is not all the island has to offer. The luxury villas with pool in Antiparos are certainly impressive – and you’d be wise to rent one for your next vacation – yet this beautiful island is full of archaeological wonders just waiting to be discovered.
From ancient monuments to Venetian fortifications, there’s something for every history buff here. Let’s take a look!

The most emblematic sight of Antiparos is the Castle. Built during the Venetian rule, the fortress was an impressive structure with the base of its imposing tower still standing today. The strong defenses were intended to protect those inside from pirates known to raid nearby villages. Inside the walls, you will find remains of buildings dating from both the Venetian and Ottoman periods, as well as countless artifacts that tell stories of this fascinating island’s rich past.

Not far away lies another important site, the Cave of Antiparos, which has been open to visitors since 1873. This remarkable place has long been revered by locals as a sacred site because of its numerous stalactites and stalagmites, with some even believing it to be an entrance leading to the Underworld. It also served as an ancient temple dedicated to Artemis Orthia. Inside you can still see many fascinating artifacts left behind by those who once inhabited this cave thousands of years ago.

Furthermore, although we understand that having rented one of the luxury villas with pool in Antiparos, it is somewhat challenging leaving its comfort for more than a few hours, it is definitely worth heading out towards a trip to Despotiko Island. There, you can explore the ruins of one of Greece’s most intriguing temples dedicated to the god Apollo (and probably also Artemis and Estia). Excavations have revealed remarkably well-preserved architectural remains, such as tombs and courtyards dating around 500 BC.

Visiting these incredibly preserved monuments, you will undoubtedly marvel at how much of Antiparos’ past still survive today, despite so many changes over time – thanks in part to its idyllic setting surrounded by crystal blue waters and lush vegetation that provides protection from erosion and other elements of nature that might otherwise cause damage.

In conclusion, regardless of whether your interests lie in archaeology or simple relaxation in luxury villas with pool in Antiparos and golden sand beaches, these majestic spots will not fail to amaze you.