Fairytale Wedding… In Antiparos!

Recently Greek Island weddings are constantly gaining more popularity worldwide, and with good reason! The fact is, Greek islands attain a certain level of otherworldly, magical beauty, which makes up for the perfect setting of a fairytale wedding… Antiparos is not an exception to that rule! Every year a variety of couples arrive to this romantic destination aiming to exchange their vows of staying together forever. The island’s secluded and exclusive vibe, in addition to its wonderful, crystal clear, blue water beaches will leave you breathless. Creating a wedding there would mean a special, unforgettable experience. Plus, you can stay in a magnificent, luxury villa in Antiparos after your wedding and complete the happiness!

A wedding for every taste!

Whether you’re the “luxury accommodation in Antiparos” type or the “barefoot at the beach” type of person, the choices are endless and you can pick the best place to host the event, according to your own needs. You could have a lavish reception, by the pool at a luxury Villa in Antiparos or chose a much simpler ceremony at the beach or even on one of the small, uninhabited, majestic islands all around it. A wedding should be everything you ever dreamed of, so you have the opportunity to decide what fits your dreams better…

Cycladic Vibes

There are few places, as picturesque as the Greek Islands… The white and blue colors, the paved alleys and the rest of the classic, Cycladic architecture elements are famous worldwide. If you’ve longed for your wedding to be in such a place, look no more, because Antiparos has a whopping number of 50 churches! The main churches, as well as the smaller, more peaceful ones are of equal beauty and at least one of them is bound to be the perfect location for your dreamy wedding. Some of the most popular ones are the churches of Agia Paraskevi, Agios Ioannis Spiliotis, Prophet Elias and Panagia Faneromeni. Your guests will also be thrilled to get to know that beautiful, Cycladic paradise and have a wonderful stay at a luxury accommodation in Antiparos. They will most certainly be thankful to you for a long time!

Keep in Mind

Prior to packing your bags and booking a luxury Villa in Antiparos, you should think about the kind of wedding you want to have, since the ceremony should be faithful to your personal beliefs. Thus, there are three possible wedding choices: A Christian Orthodox wedding, a Catholic wedding or a Civil wedding. Whichever one you decide to go for, at a haven like this, your wedding will undoubtedly be wonderful and spiritual!

One of the best parts of course is the weather, which most of the time on the island is perfectly sunny during Summer months and the same goes for most of Spring’s and Fall’s months. Which means, you’ll get to have the most wonderful outdoors wedding ever, whether that’s at the garden of your luxury accommodation in Antiparos or at a wonderful beach. Whoever said life isn’t a fairytale definitely hasn’t had a wedding on a Greek Island! In this life we get to create our own fairytales, most of which do not include dragons and knights, what they do include however are the things we love, and that’s how your wedding should be planned. A real-life fairytale awaits you!