From Antiparos to Paros and Back!

No sisters are more beautiful than the Cycladic island sisters, Paros and Antiparos! Those two islands are so different from each other, yet so close and connected. In a way they complete each other so amazingly. When visiting one, you certainly can’t miss the other, and actually, you shouldn’t.  Chances are you’ve heard more about the cosmopolitan Paros. However, you may want to look into a stay in Antiparos, which could me more comfortable, affordable and still allow you to enjoy Paros too!


The Best of Both Worlds!
Antiparos is a beautiful, serene island and so the accommodation in Antiparos would be ideal for a family with kids. Paros on the other hand, can get absolutely hectic during the busy, summer seasons. But if Paros is still the island you want to visit the most, don’t lose hope at all… The ferry boat ride is just 10 minutes! Yes, 10 minutes! You can enjoy the tranquility of Antiparos and hop on the boat any time, to experience Paros’ bustling lifestyle.


Life is a beach!
Even though Antiparos has wonderful beaches, there’s no denying that the beaches of Paros are more well-known and more popular. Names such as Santa Maria, Golden Beach- Chrissi Akti, Marcelo and more, are quite famous for their hip, busy vibes! By choosing to stay in Antiparos, you could be enjoying the more sequestered beaches of the island on a daily basis and then visit one of the beaches of Paros, whenever your heart desires.


Affordable pleasure!
Everyone wants to visit Paros in summer! But, during high-season, the accommodation prices can get really, really high and the availability really, really low… A luxury villa in Antiparos on the other hand, can be more affordable, while offering the same level of comfort and luxury. Plus, you can still enjoy Paros too, since it’s just a stone’s throw away.


Rhythm of the Night!
Who doesn’t love the notorious, nightlife of Paros, right? Of course, that’s not to say that Antiparos’ nightlife is boring… On the contrary, there are quite a few interesting bars, clubs, and even discos, to complete the scene! It’s just that Paros, being a quite bigger island, can naturally offer many more choices, and thus every year it’s filled with people of all ages who want to have fun and enjoy the classic “Greek Summer” fun. So, what you could do is book your accommodation in Antiparos and if you get the chance, spend a night or two in Paros and party like there’s no tomorrow!


As you can clearly see, serenity and relaxation can perfectly coexist with absolute excitement and fun in those two sister islands… Antiparos can offer amazing moments on its own, and serve as an easy passage for the great Paros too. Book your accommodation in Antiparos and imagine the whole situation like taking a vacation in two islands.


After all, what’s the only thing better than a Greek island?
You guessed correctly… Two Greek islands!