Get Naked… in Antiparos!

This summer don’t miss the chance to visit the beautiful, picturesque Island of Antiparos. A peaceful paradise of white and blue, which is also the little sister of the bigger and much more cosmopolitan, Paros Island… Antiparos however, does not lack in luxury accommodation facilities, crazy nightlife or natural beauty, despite what one could think when hearing about the 1.200 inhabitant small island…

In fact, whether you decide to book a luxury accommodation in Antiparos or just go camping, there’s one thing you can enjoy, that’s actually not available on many more Greek islands! Are you ready to take it all off? Cause the first -ever- Nudist Beach of the Cyclades, is one of the very few official ones in all of Greece, and also one of the main attractions of the Island, while it is bound to take you on a trip back to the “Hippy” 70s, since Ioannis Kalargyros, the man who set-up the beach while the decade was coming to an end, was one of the few who longed to keep the movement alive. The history behind this place is really amazing and the same goes for that era, which was definitely the most representative of absolute freedom!

The beach is a wonderful, small curve of warm golden sand, though the feeling you get is more like being on a lagoon -maybe the blue one, because you know, no one really wears anything!!- Since it is really enclosed and very, very shallow, to the point where you could actually walk to the island next to Antiparos. A small haven where everyone roams free!

For some people, being naked in front of a crowd can be intimidating, while for others it can be quite liberating and a truly freeing experience. In this Nudist beach it though, it is a requirement and the fact that you can find people from so many different parts of the world, or from different backgrounds and ethnicities swimming, mingling, playing beach volley, interacting, etc. is just so interesting. You can’t help but feel a spiting of unity and maybe even… acceptance. People don’t judge and people don’t actually care enough to judge! Plus, it’s really a place of otherworldly beauty that we undoubtedly recommend you to visit.

Even if you’re the type who prefers luxury accommodation in Antiparos or the star gazing, sleeping under the moonlight type, at the Nudist Beach of the Island it really doesn’t matter cause everyone is the same. Equally exposed, free and one with nature… We totally understand if that is not your thing, but trying couldn’t hurt and the experience will definitely be one for the books!