Hiking Trails on Antiparos Island

Hiking is the perfect use of early mornings and lazier afternoons. It’s an awesome thing to do on a pleasantly warm day, made far better by the summer breeze on your face and the sight of the deep, vast ocean not too far away. There are a variety of hiking routes available on Antiparos, the beauty of which cannot be missed. Antiparos is famously rugged in terrain since most of it is undeveloped, which is perfect for hikers looking to stretch out their legs and get a marvelous scenic view of the naked surroundings. 

We have highlighted some hiking trails that cannot be missed on Antiparos. There are trails perfect for absolute beginners to more experienced hikers who are looking to get a taste of the wild beauty that lies around them on Antiparos Island. Get ready to pack your gear and get on track to the gorgeous sights and sounds of this island paradise.

We have curated these routes based on information from antiparosroutes.com.

  1. Wetlands, Route 2: Chorio – Pano  Psaralyki – Palia Alyki – Panagia beach

This route is an easier one, lasting around 45 minutes with a total length of 2.6 kilometers. It takes you through the wetlands of Antiparos, areas covered by shallow waters either permanently or temporarily. These areas are almost magical in their majesty. You can observe the aquatic vegetation that thrives due to the fertile, wet soil. 

The first wetland you will encounter is Pano Psaralyki. The wetlands here are shallow and the sea water on it is vaporized by the sun, so people come here often to collect sea salt. Palia Alyki Lagoon is the second wetland to visit on this route, where you can come and see the lagoon covered in sea water, connected directly to the ocean. The wetlands here look mysterious with the dried wood and the reeds that stem from the water.

The final stop is Panagia Beach. Since the trail is so easy, it can be considered a family friendly sightseeing opportunity, with the special option of being able to swim once you get to Panagia Beach! It’s a great place to take off some of the wear of the trail and relax by splashing around in the water and laying in the shade of the trees.

  1. The Iron Mines, Route 9: Cave – Hatzovounia – Profitis Ilias

This is an intermediate route lasting 1 hour and 35 minutes, with a total length of 2.8 kilometers on a 7.5% incline. This route takes you to an abandoned iron mine which operated from 1890 to 1910. The minerals mined at this site were extracted from iron ore. These were hematite, goethite, and limonite. This route is more difficult to traverse given the incline and the various obstacles you will encounter. 

There are no protective measures taken to secure the abandoned mining area, so you need to be very careful in your steps. It may be wise to bring a hiking stick along so you can ensure your footing. See the remnants of the structures that have been long forgotten, such as the carved, paved roads and the sheds and ramps used for loading ore. The view of the mines will give you an interesting new cultural perspective on Antiparos and the life that was lived there over a hundred years ago, and thus we’ve tagged it as a must-see!

  1. Tafoni, Route 11: Soros – Faneromeni

The final route on our list is another intermediate route that lasts somewhere around 1 hour and 40 minutes, with 5.1 kilometers total trail length, and a slope of 4.5%. This trail will take you to see the volcanic rocks and geological formations located on the southernmost part of Antiparos. These formations are called “Tafoni”, which are created by chemical weathering and intense winds. These make large, hole-ridden rocks, some of which are large enough for you to stand underneath. Taking this trail is a good way to understand the geodiversity of Antiparos, as well as see some fascinating rock formations. Along the trail are access points to hidden beaches where you may take an undisturbed swim if you so wish, making this excursion a truly exciting one to take, so make sure that it’s on your itinerary!

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