More Things to Do on Antiparos Island

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The beauty and tranquility of Antiparos Island is peerless and sublime. The quaint, quiet town life gives a sense of peace and calm to all who visit. There are few who visit even during the busier months, and thus strolling through the streets is always bound to be a relaxing time. Still, this island paradise has quite a few things to offer in the way of things to do.

We’ve previously written an article on things to do on the island, and hope that this article adds to ideas you may have for your plans. If you are looking into activities beyond relaxing on the beaches, here are some things to add to your itinerary that will make the trip to Antiparos truly an unforgettable one.

  1. Visit a History and Folklore Museum

The History and Folklore Museum of Antiparos is a wonderful place to explore if you’re looking to learn more about the culture of Antiparos and the surrounding areas of the Cyclades and the Aegean. Within the museum are objects of great cultural significance to Antiparos and the surrounding islands. Among them are specimens collected from old Cycladic figurines, photographs of the excavation of Despotiko Island, as well as traditional Antiparos uniforms.

The building has been hailed as “elegant and spacious” and is definitely worth seeing if you’re a fan of architecture. Seeing the various things on display in the museum will definitely give you insight to the history of the place, surely making you appreciate the splendor of the island and the richness of its culture even more. All-in-all, a visit to the museum is a nice, informative way to spend a leisurely afternoon on Antiparos Island, a good reason to visit even if you aren’t a history buff. Impress the locals with your knowledge, and you may just end up making a friend or two!

  1. Spend Some Time at the Churches

Even if you’re not particularly pious, the churches of Antiparos are definitely worth visiting, as they are some of the main attractions on the island. In fact, as you come in from the ferry to Antiparos, you will catch sight of one church, Agia Marina. They are typically painted in the Cycladic tradition: a pristine white and clear, bright blue. 

There are around 50 churches around Antiparos; the number may be considered excessive compared to the population of the island. However, all churches– large and small– will welcome you with the same Antiparos charm. Each church regardless of size is accessible by the road network, making them easy to access if you want to visit plenty–or all– of them! If you desire, you can hold a wedding or baptism in the churches provided you contact Father Dimitrios Kydonieus first.

  1. Explore the Sea Caves of the Island

Antiparos Island has a wealth of sea caves available for exploration, if you prefer swimming in a very private setting. The waters are a beautiful emerald green, and are the perfect place to get to swimming or diving. Many boat tours pass by sea caves, so you will likely be able to get to see them. It is always wise to ask first before going on a tour, because the beauty of the majestic caves and cliffs against the verdant waters is simply breathtaking. It is worth the time to take the trip to see the caves, as the views are nothing short of inspiring– the clarity of the water reigns supreme despite being a relatively secluded place to swim.

You deserve the vacation of a lifetime on Antiparos Island. If you are searching for Antiparos beach villas, or a luxury villa in Antiparos, then we will be happy to arrange your accommodations for you. With all of the things to do on the island, you will surely have the vacation of a lifetime once your feet hit the sandy shores of this beautiful Greek paradise. Enjoy your time on the island in one of the top villas in Antiparos; simply contact us to set your appointment and get your plans in motion.