The Best Beaches of Antiparos Island

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Coming to the beautiful Cyclades means miles and miles of gorgeous beaches. It’s pretty difficult to decide where to go given your many awe-inspiring options. If you want to experience the marvelous sight of the sky meeting the sea with fine sand beneath your feet, all the while in breathtaking secluded tranquility, we recommend heading to Antiparos. You get the same majestic beach experience, without as many people around.

With that said, even Antiparos has its fair share of beaches that are definitely worth the visit. Given that the island is so small, you will definitely be able to visit most, if not all of them on your next Antiparos Island excursion. While the decision was tough to make, we have outlined three of the best beaches on Antiparos that you simply cannot afford to miss.

  1. Sifneikos – The Sunset Beach

Hailed as the best place to watch the sunset from Antiparos, this beach is an amazing place to visit on Antiparos. This makes it a popular choice among all the other beaches of the island; its position lets you see the sunset in all its splendor.  There is simply nothing better than being able to watch the sun go down behind the beautiful crystal-clear waters as the skies explode into truly fantastic colors. Be warned, though, as this beach is not wind-protected, and can as such become windy, where the calm ocean can be overcome by waves! This makes it more dangerous to swim in if you are accompanied by children. Still, on days the wind is quieter, it is the perfect place to go snorkeling and swimming. It is a celebrated area on the island for a reason. There is also a children’s playground nearby–useful if it’s too windy to swim–with benches for you to watch the scenery and sunset. 

  1. Agios Spyridonas Beach

Agios Spyridonas Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island, only 200 meters from Antiparos Town. This is also the beach which has Antiparos’ shallowest waters, making it ideal for families and those who prefer being able to have their feet touch the sand when they swim–there’s no shame in that!  The pretty tamarisks provide gentle shade from the heat of the sun, and you get a fabulous panoramic view of Antiparos’ sister island, Paros. It is truly lovely to spend time on this beach, with all its inspiring romantic views and the nice, warm, shallow waters, so place it on your list of beaches to see at least once in your lifetime! This is especially true if you’re already on Antiparos.

  1. The Psaraliki Beaches

Psaraliki Beach is actually two beaches, known as Psaraliki I and II. The beaches, with their shallow waters, are ideal for families and those who love water sports activities. The beaches are gorgeous, with fine, golden sand running across the length of them, beach bars, and perfectly crystal-blue waters. Imagine fun in the sun against this supremely picturesque setting, with all the quintessential elements that the best beaches have! The beach is also mostly wind-protected, meaning that families worried about big waves will have nothing to fear. Safety is paramount especially amid families, so having the option available always makes it easier to plan a trip around. Psaraliki I is the beach that tourists favor more for swimming, so there are usually less people on Psaraliki II, which is a 2-minute walk south of Psaraliki I. All-in-all, both beaches are fabulous places to enjoy some of the best in beautiful beaches that Antiparos has to offer.

With all the excitement of the beaches, you are bound to think about getting accommodations somewhere you can enjoy the splendid view. With all the sea view luxury villas in Greece, you may be wondering if there are similar places in Antiparos where you can indulge in the luxury of your home away from home with a great view of the beach. The answer is yes! Contact us to get to know your options for the best beachfront villas inAntiparos among all the many Antiparos villas available.