The Majestic Despotiko

In a previous post, we discovered the wonderful islands –equivalent or maybe even better than Bora Bora, one would say- around the beautiful Antiparos. However, Despotiko remains the best known of them all. The island with the fable, enchanting beaches and the long history, that accompanies it! By booking a villa or home in Antiparos, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to discover its magic and get lost in the deep blue waters surrounding it!

The story behind the magic

Just like the historic island of Delos, Despotiko has been a place of incredible historical interest in recent years, an informal museum of the area with finds that take us back to an archaic sanctuary created by the inhabitants of Paros at the time, who named the island Prepesinthos, turning it into a place of worship, but also of practical utility in an effort to consolidate their sovereignty over the other Aegean islands.

Today the archaeological finds of the island, which are dated to various eras (Early Cycladic, Archaic, Geometric, Classical, Roman etc.), but also the ones of the most important building, the marble temple with a facade of seven 4 meter long columns, and a pediment of over 6 meters, are found amidst a wild, natural landscape, which enhances the awe feeling and the unique experience of the visitor. Due to its unique diligence in development, the temple was one of the most sought after among all the prestigious ministries of the time, while shells with inscriptions that were found later, testify that the inhabitants worshiped the gods Apollo, Artemis and Estia at the temple, whose findings were discovered in an excavation carried out in 1959, by Nikos Zafeiropoulos, northeast of the island at the locations of Zumparia and Mandra, dating back to 500 BC.

If you are staying at a home in Antiparos this summer, you should know that the magnificent, untouched beaches of Despotiko, are only a breath away, as the two islands are very close. The most striking one is the Livadi beach, whose sand is almost silver, creating a unique effect. The reconstructions are ongoing and the island becomes more easily accessible each time. It’s also worth noting, that Despotiko has been integrated into the Natura 2000 Community Protected Areas Network.

If Ancient Greek history fascinates you, if rocky, natural, sandy beaches excite you, then combining the two on the island of Despotiko is a must experience! Both a villa and a luxury home in Antiparos may be really great. But head out for a while and let yourself go into the natural magic that surrounds the two islands. A trip that will remain in your memory forever, awaits you!