The Unexpected Nightlife Scene of Antiparos

When it comes to the two sister islands Paros and Antiparos, in most people’s minds Paros is the cosmopolitan, bustling, big island with the impressive nightlife, while on the other hand Antiparos is thought to be a much more quite, serene and small haven! This is mostly true… But don’t believe even for a second, that Antiparos doesn’t also have its crazy, partying side! Book a villa in Antiparos today, to discover Antiparos by night tomorrow!

Bar Hopping
Close to the Venetian Castle and around the island’s main square there are tons of amazing bars for every taste and desire. Bar hopping from one to another for drinks – and mostly shots – is a favorite activity for both locals and visitors alike! There are also many beach restaurants and bars close to the sea, for cocktails under the moonlight with the waves serving as the most beautiful background music. As the sun sets, people leave their Antiparos homes, to enjoy the magical evenings…

Rock n’ Roll nights
Since there’s a multitude of bars, the music choices vary as well… You’ll find everything from classic beach bars that play mainstream music to more intellectual ones, which offer rock nights such as the famous pub Doors. It all depends on your personal preferences!

Disco Fever
If by any chance you belong to the wild, party animal kind, don’t get discouraged… The island also has several dancing clubs which play everything from current hits to classic Greek music, while the star of Antiparos is definitely the La Luna disco! Oh yes, there you’ll be able to dance to the iconic tunes of the 80s and feel like you’re on a time machine to another era. The almost whimsically decadent vibe, along with the signature disco ball will make you think you’re the Disco Queen –or King – of the night… And you can indeed dance all night of course, until your feet hurt, since the fun doesn’t stop before the early morning hours! The only acceptable time to go back to your villa in Antiparos that is, if you’re in for the ultimate, nocturnal experience…

You see, unlike popular belief big, famous islands such as Mykonos and Paros are not the only ones capable of satisfying your entertainment needs. We’d say that Antiparos may be small, but definitely mighty when it comes to nightlife. Plus, the fact that not so many people know about it, makes the whole situation even more exclusive and attractive. Of course if tranquility and peace of mind are the things you’re looking for, this secluded paradise can offer that too… So if you want to combine these elements, you’re coming to the right place. Don’t waste anymore precious time! There are several, beautiful Antiparos homes which will serve as the best starting point, to uncovering the sparkling mysteries of the night!