Things to Do on Antiparos Island

The beautiful, pristine beaches of Antiparos, Greece are certainly a breathtaking sight. There’s hardly anything like the vast crystalline ocean to gaze upon as you stand on luxurious white sand beaches. But there’s a bit more to do on Antiparos than the typical beach-hopping. 

Given that it’s such a small island, life there is quieter than on the more populous and popular islands of Greece. Thus, things to do on Antiparos are far calmer and more laid-back. This makes it the perfect getaway if you are looking for peace and quiet, with hardly anything to be heard but the sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline. Still, here are some great things to do if you ever find yourself on this beautiful island paradise.

  1. Explore Antiparos Town

The quiet, idyllic setting of Antiparos directly contrasts the cosmopolitan nature of its sister, Paros. Strolling through the streets of Paros lets you see directly how bustling and lively life is there. Antiparos is much quieter, and in some seasons, can be almost completely empty. This makes it the perfect place to snap some gorgeous shots of the scenery, and get some truly lovely selfies in. If you prefer seeing more people, you may want to visit during the high season. Otherwise, the peaceful nature of Antiparos is yours for the taking.

There are many shops that dot the town, particularly Pedestrian Street. The selection is full of amazing items you cannot find anywhere else– a truly unique selection. The streets are lined with jewelry, beachwear, and other fashionable clothing that everyone will be able to enjoy. Some of it you wouldn’t think would be to much success, but business has been picking up in recent years that the island has received more visitors, and the items have become very popular. The staff (and other locals) are friendly and helpful, ready to accommodate you as you make your purchases among the quaint shops throughout the streets.

  1. Dine at some amazing restaurants

Everyone loves amazing food, and Antiparos, while small, has a great selection of restaurants and cafes to choose from that will delight your palate. Combined with the truly breathtaking, tranquil sights around you, plus the cool sea breeze on your face, dining in Antiparos is a true feast for all the senses. 

There are several local taverna (taverns) which specialize in classic Greek cuisine. Taverna Yorgis and 5F Taverna are some such establishments. There is no shortage of attention to detail when it comes to preparing their fresh dishes which are a real culinary marvel. If you’re new to Greek food, theirs is definitely worth a try while you are on the island. Besides the tavernas, there is no shortage either of quaint cafes to have an afternoon coffee in, or even international cuisine for those wanting something a little different from traditional Greek fare. The selection is definitely worth checking out for anyone looking to grab a bite while strolling through the charming streets of Antiparos Town. 

  1. See the one-man observatory

A lesser-known attraction on this fine island paradise is visiting the one-man observatory. Run by Stefanos, a local astronomer, you will fall in love with the cosmos over Antiparos as you use the telescope to get in breathtaking views of the moon, planets, and stars. It’s a change of pace from the regular things to do, giving you a real insight to the friendliness of the locals and to the glorious wonder of outer space, all from a small island paradise. Stefanos’ rooftop observatory is definitely worth a visit as you are told about the wonders of the galaxy and beyond. 

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