Tom Hanks is now… GREEK!

After years of being married to the love of his life, actress and producer Rita Wilson, of Greek and Bulgarian descend and after years of real love and support to Greece, while also spending many of his summers on the Greek Island of Antiparos, the famous Hollywood star is officially Greek!

Hanks played an immensely important role in last year’s catastrophic fires in Mati, when he raised a great amount of money for those affected by the tragedy as well as for the citizens of Rafina. He has been vocal for years about his love for the country and the culture, however he doesn’t stop at stating, since he has offered real help many times in the past and has spoken up so fondly about the country, in the media. So when The President of the Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, signed the honorary naturalization of the American actor, it came as no surprise! Greek law states, that honorary naturalization can be granted to those “who have provided exceptional services to the country or whose naturalization serves the public interest.” The signature of the President paves the way for the acquisition of Greek citizenship, however the Hanks family still has to be sworn in, as the naturalization process foresees in 2021.

The actor and his family also own a summer house, a luxury villa in Antiparos, the beautful Greek Island. While he has stated several times that he feels “110 per cent Greek” and even feels “…More Greek than Greeks” which gives much pride to the Greek people, who also love the two-time Academy Award winner a lot! Amongst his wife’s productions, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (2002) is one of the most memorable ones. The couple has a 30 year old love story and is one of the most beloved ones, in Hollywood as well as, in Greece. It is a true joy and honor to be welcoming the actor, and the whole beautiful Hanks family in the country… officially!